Writing VHDL with Ubuntu Linux

First install ghdl and gtkwave:

$ sudo apt-get install ghdl gtkwave

See the fine http://ghdl.free.fr/ghdl/index.html for the rest :-)

Remember to compile with the “–ieee=synopsys -fexplicit” option if you want to use non-standard packages, such as std_logic_arith.

You can also compile a whole project. First compile all the files to a executable named work:

$ ghdl -i --ieee=synopsys -fexplicit --workdir=work *.vhdl

Then make the design

$ ghdl -m --ieee=synopsys -fexplicit --workdir=work name_of_design

You can then run the design

$ ghdl ./name_of_design

Which is great for testing.

Happy testing.

2 thoughts on “Writing VHDL with Ubuntu Linux

  1. michael Post author

    Narendra wrote:
    >great man,,, but still this is small,, and do you know how to use xilinx ISE in >Fedora?

    I’ve used xilinx ISE in ubuntu with mixed results using wine( http://www.winehq.org ). I had a lot of stability issues with it, so I sorta gave up on using it. I have been using the signs plugin for eclipse( http://www.iti.uni-stuttgart.de/~bartscgr/signs/wiki/index.php/Main_Page )
    It’s not up there yet, but it’s better than writing the code with a basic text editor. The combination of eclipse and the command line is kind of bareble.

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